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      • 6/29/16 – Over the winter the MPA board met monthly to discuss ways to improve the payout for the 2016 season, as well as continue to provide a class for all trucks to pull in. As part of that plan, we raised the fee that the MPA charges to each promoter. Approximately 75% of that fee charged to the promoter is used for payout. The remainder is used to pay expenses for each event. We also raised the hook fee for each participant and combined several classes in order to reduced the number of classes we payout. In 2015, we paid out 10 classes. The goal this year was to get to 7 classes or fewer. As we looked at this, we recognized that the 2015 Stock Gas class was a popular class. So in 2016 we created the Super Street class to allow those trucks to have a more structured class to compete in even though this created another class. With the addition of the Super Street class, the Stock Gas and Stock Diesel class would be reserved for trucks that come in off the street, or for those that wanted to compete with a mostly stock truck, and would be an un-paid class.

        The board voted in December for the Local Street Gas & Diesel to be a points only, no payout class. During the first three events those classes (Local Gas & Local Diesel) were inadvertently paid out. The checks already written for those events will be honored. However, going forward, we will not being paying out the Stock Gas & Diesel classes per the boards vote on 12/3/15.

        If you have any questions, please contact a board member or your class representative.

        Thank you.

      • 6/26/16 – The results for the first 3 events have been posted under the “Results” section. Also, we have been posting the individual results from the event shortly after the event on our Facebook page.

      • 6/15/16 – Please note that the Class Representative for Pro Stock 4X4 will be Jay Grismore for the remainder of the 2016 season. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jay.

      • 6/11/16 – The pull in Conrad is still on. See you all there.

      • 4/17/16 – The next MPA board meeting will be Wed. May 4th at 6:30pm at the “Toybox” in Berwick.

      • 2/26/16 – The next MPA board meeting will be Wed. March 2nd at 6:30pm at the “Toybox” in Berwick.

      • 2/6/16 – An updated schedule has been posted. Cherokee has decided not to have a pull. However, we are pleased to announce that the MPA will be pulling in Colo on August 13th.

      • 2/6/16 – Just a reminder that the 2016 Membership application is available for download from this site. Its under “Information” then “Member Information”. A Full member ships is $100 until after the Test & Tune and then it will increase to $150. Associate memberships are $75.


2016 Schedule

      • 12/6/15 – The next board meeting will be at the Toybox in Berwick on January 6th at 6:30pm. Have a happy, and safe, holiday season!!

      • 11/26/15 – The next board meeting will be at the Toybox in Berwick on December 3rd at 6:30pm.

2015 Banquet

      • 9/6/15 – Just a reminder, the MPA will be looking for people interested to be on the board for the Association. There are three positions open on the board. They are President, Secretary & Treasurer. There may be various class rep positions as well. If you are interested, please contact one of the board members. These positions are a great way to get involved with the organization and have a say in the running of the organization. Generally the board meets once a month in the off season to discuss issues, changes, rules & operation of the Association. Each board member (except the President) and class reps get one vote when the board votes on any issue/change. Again, please contact a board member if you are interested or if you have questions on what the position involves. Thanks.

      • 6/9/15 – A change has been made to the Marshalltown pull. It will start at 6:00pm. Thanks and see you all at Conrad. It’s officially pulling season!!!

      • 5/15/15 – The Test and Tune for Saturday May 16th has been postponed. The pits are too muddy to be able to get trucks and trailers in and out. We plan to hold the Test and Tune on May 30th in Radcliffe at 12:00pm. Please let anyone that you know was planning to attend know.

      • 4/18/15 – Just a reminder that the Test and Tune is less than a month away. The test-n-tune will be in Radcliffe Iowa at noon on May 16th. Hope to see you all there.

        The name of the Improved Street Class has been changed to the Pro Street class for 2015. The rules and class list have been updated to reflect this.


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